Terms & Conditions for Pehillo vacation rentals


One or multiple vacation rentals are available from Gîtes de Pehillo, located at 1388 Route de Pehillo, 47600 Nérac in France for leisure or professional stays but may not be used as primary or secondary residence, nor for any commerciale activity of any sort.

Two of the vacation rentals can accommodate up to 6 people (Gîte de la Source et Gîte du Pigeonnier), and one of the rentals up to 4 people (Gîte de la Sapinière). Should the number of guests exceed the above numbers without prior agreement, the property managers reserves the right to either charge an additional fee for each additional guest, deny access for all additional guests, or cancel the reservation without any refunds depending on the situation.


Each rental includes the entirety of the first and second floor described on the reservation confirmation document. The 17-hectare Pehillo property is not fenced and is to be shared with all other guests on the property. The parking lot is available for all guests. Guests may not access locations marked with "Propriété Privée" or "Interdit" without prior authorization.

During your stay, the property manager may stop by in case of maintenance of the common areas and pool, but will only do so with prior communication and with a reasonable timeline, unless there is an emergency.


Check-in is after 5 PM, check-out is before 10 AM.


Upon arrival of the guests, each rental will be clean, beds will be made and towels will be ready for use. Rooms will be disinfected and the house will be aerated. Each rental is made available to tenants for independent management. Each occupant will also have a set of towels upon arrival (not renewed during the stay). Final exit cleaning is included with standard booking. The prices are indicated in Euros in the booking confirmation. VAT is not included (article 293b of the CGI).


Animals are not permitted on the property.


The pool is not monitored by a lifeguard but is protected with a fence and an alarm. The pool is to be used exclusively by adult guests. Guests accompanied by minors can use the pool at their own risk. The pool is a shared space with all other occupants of the property. The pool rules are printed on premises and must be respected. Failure to cooperate with these rules will result in guests being blocked from using the pool for the remainder of their stay. Please respect other guests.


Though the final cleaning at the end of your stay is included in the cost of your stay, the interior and exterior of the rental must be returned in the same way that they were found. The kitchen must be clean (dishwasher emptied), sheets stripped off the bed, barbecue cleaned and all garbage taken out. All fees for damaged or broken items and additional cleaning necessary will be removed from the deposit.


Guests must respect the peacefulness of the property. The use of the property cannot benefit even partially to third parties, natural or legal persons. Occupants/tenants may under no circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the period of stay, as stated in the booking confirmation.


Private events may be authorized upon request to Pehillo, subject to a maximum of 40 people on site and written approval from the management. Tents may be set up on the estate in areas identified by the management, for a maximum of 24/25 people (including accommodation already provided for 16 people). In the event of an event, parking is prohibited in the central courtyard, and must be restricted to the parking lot and surrounding area. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to use the swimming pool at night, during events. The pool must be kept locked at all times. No parties are permitted in the pool area. Final cleaning is included on a normal basis, but you remain responsible for cleaning up after your event, such as putting ALL furniture back as it was when you arrived, collecting garbage, bottles, glasses and cigarette butts and emptying them in the municipal containers before you leave. Additional cleaning charges may be deducted from the deposit in the event of non-compliance.


Les Gîtes de Pehillo declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal property within its structure. The tenant is solely responsible for damage caused within the structure and its surroundings during his stay. All equipment belonging to the Gîtes de Pehillo and made available to the client must be returned in good condition at the end of the stay. Otherwise, the guests must return their equipment at their own expense or the establishment may charge them for the repair or replacement.


It is strictly forbidden to charge electric vehicles with any socket on the Pehillo property without the prior agreement of the owner or the property manager. It could result in an electrical outage, overheating or even start of fire. Any repairs resulting from wild EV charging or any additional electricity consumption costs observed are borne entirely by the occupants/tenants and may, where applicable, be deducted from the deposit.


  • Upon reserving, 100% of the payment is required.
  • In the month prior to arrival, a deposit of 500€ per rental property is required.


Non-compliance with any of the above conditions may be considered as a cancellation on behalf of the guest.
In the event of cancellation:
- Up to 4 months before the check-in date, 100% of payment will be reimbursed.
- Between 4 months and 1 month before the check-in date, 50% of the payment will be reimbursed.
- Less than 1 month before the check-in date, no reimbursement will be made
In all instances of cancellation, the entire deposit will be reimbursed.

If circumstances beyond the control of the owner cause the cancellation of this reservation, Les Gîtes de Pehillo will refund the amount already paid and the guests will not be able to claim additional compensation from it.

In case of force majeure (Covid-19 or any other declared pandemics):

Except for decree or ordinance prevailing over the conditions set out below, any stay that cannot be honored will be subject to the following provisions*:

  1. In the event of government restrictions (kilometric restrictions, national or local lockdowns, closing of establishments or borders, impeding on your visit, you will be offered the ability to rebook your trip within an 18 month window from the original date of booking*
  2. If one of the guests in your party tests positive for Covid-19 (or any other declared pandemic), upon presenting evidence of the positive test result, you will be offered the ability to rebook your trip within an 18 month window from the original date of visit or a full reimbursement*
  3. If one of the guests in your part learns that they have been in close contact of someone with Covid-19 (or any other declared pandemic), upon presenting evidence of the positive test result, you will be offered the ability to rebook your trip within an 18 month window from the original date of visit*
  4. If your minor child test positive for Covid-19 (or any other declared pandemic), upon presenting evidence of the positive test result, you will be offered the ability to rebook your trip within an 18 month window from the original date of visit or a full reimbursement*

* For all rebooking requests in case of force majeure, please make your request via email using the address listed in your booking confirmation or using the form on the website.


A deposit is required with the booking documents (€500). Said deposit will be returned to the occupant in full within 20 days of the guests' departure.
The following may be deducted from the deposit:
- The amount corresponding to any damage incurred (amount defined in the management agreement or otherwise, the insurer of the place. Expertise at the expense of the occupants)
- The amount corresponding to any services not paid for before departure.
- Any amount corresponding to exceeding guests or surface not accounted for in the original booking.


In the event of a dispute, any complaint must be sent by certified mail with proof of receipt no later than eight days after the end of the stay. Any disputes on the state of the property or rental up arrival or departure may not be submitted beyond the 2nd day of occupation or exit of the premises (postmark or date of acknowledgment of receipt by email or text message). In the event of persistent disagreement, the parties have taken up residence in Nérac (courts of Agen, 47000 France).